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Recommendation for Leonardo Loja: gardener plus

Leonardo Loja: Landscaper, gardener, and designer

Leonardo Loja recently helped me complete a garden project. We created a collection of plants that will attract hummingbirds, are toxic free for animals and will not attract bees.

Together we planned a collection of 80 plants to place in my two patios. For months I have been making planters and two trellises for my entry of the front patio and to emphasize the front window. Before the building had nothing but sterile cement and now it is transforming into a lush oasis. 

Leonardo is fully bilingual and my experience is just remarkable. He has 10 years' experience gardening.

Personally, I live a green life and wanted to plant “green” as well. I knew that I could hire a mixto taxis and travel from place to place negotiating for the various plants, soil and sand. I would receive the original fees and I would have a serious challenge to negotiate better ones. I do speak Spanish but blonde hair and fair skin is not an asset during these types of negotiations. I knew that I would not have the same end as an Ecuadorian man.

A close friend had hired Leonardo for her gardens and using her suggestion, I asked Leonardo to consult, purchase and then coordinate my planting.

Leonardo found the richest and blackest organic soil and light, fine sand to make a rich organic container mix. And using the design and list of desired plants, he brought me many 3 foot plants, eight 5 foot trees and small supplemental decorative plants.

I think the project was filled with cost reductions because of his connections and associations in our area. He reduced the cost of the plants and accessories and this reduction more than compensated for his labor fee which was very reasonable for his several days of planning, shopping and planting.

We planted together. But he did the heavy work. With the help of his lovely wife, he used his starter granules but accepted my recommended organic bananas too. Instead of plastic liners, we used biodegradable cartons to deter the loss of soil. 

Results: in less than a month, the plants have grown 8-12 inches, or have bloomed and/or produced fruit. Leonardo has returned several times to check on their progress. Almost every plant is very progressive.

I think that my selection of Leonardo was a perfect choice. I enjoy his after care at no charge. It is so professional. He loves what he does and it reveals his love in my project.

His services include:

• Rich black planting soil
• Fertilizer
• Outdoor and indoor plants
• Decorative garden rocks
• Large ceramic pots
• Vegetable starter plants
• Seeds, vegetable and fruit
• Herbs, baby plants of rosemary, basil, thyme and more
• Gardening tools, hoses, all supplies for your gardening needs
• Firewood delivered and stacked

Budget: I hoped for $600-$700 but went over by a little. The soil and sand were $100. His labor was $150. The large bag of time-release fertilizer was $35.The plants account for the remainder of the costs. Thus my final cost was $750.

I recommend him highly. If you want to see the results, drive by Pedro de Rocha 131 near 12 de Octubre. Contact Leo for photos please.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 96 904 8247 WhatsApp

Recommended by Garnett Stewart: