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Recommendation for Fabian Vera, taxi driver, general helper

I have had help from Fabian since coming here three years ago, initially as taxi driver who spoke English and knows this city so very well. He worked in the States for a number of years, though he is Cuencano, with family here. He now helps me with so many tasks that are challenging for expats (who don't speak Spanish). He helps me with car licensing and service matters, shop for groceries for me, cleans my apartment, prepares food, and cooks for me. He also takes me and other people on long drives to other Ecuador destinations. I know when I'm infirm, he's always available to help me with a myriad of tasks. He's prompt to the minute, completely reliable and trustworthy. He is my emergency contact, should I need one. He has a very enjoyable personality, is attractive and well sociailized. If you are in need of any kind of help, please call him, at 099 558 9391. You'll be glad you did.

Address: Unknown

Contact information:  099 558 9391

Recommended by Gary Snow: