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Recommendation for Dr. Juan Fernando Vega, dentist

I’ve been here for several years and have had dental work and cleanings done by several dentists. Most people’s recommendations were based on English speaking and low price.

After seeing several dentists for cleanings, fillings and a crown replacement, I realized that expertise was more important to me than price.

After seeing Dr. Juan Fernando Vega for two cleanings and one filling I felt confident having him replace work that was previously done on my front teeth, as well as a cracked molar that he discovered during the cleaning.

I knew that I’d found the right specialist for the job when Dr. Vega took more time to fit my temporary teeth than another dentist here did to fit the permanent ones.

Dr. Vega did an excellent job replacing six front teeth and one molar. Most people I know probably won’t even notice because my smile still looks like mine, which was very important to me.

Unlike other dentists who have the work done at an outside lab, Dr. Vega has the expertise and equipment to make his own dentures, crowns and veneers. He imports the composite to make the teeth from Germany. And he uses the latest technology to design and form the teeth.

Which brings me to price: Dr. Vega is not the lowest priced dentist in Cuenca. But his prices are far under what I paid in California for this level of dentistry. For what I paid here for seven teeth, I couldn’t have gotten two done in the US.

I told Dr. Vega that he was a perfectionist and he apologized. I told him there was no reason to apologize because this is one of the reasons that I will return to him for all my future dental needs. My happy smile is all the proof I need.

For an appointment or information, you can call or WhatsApp his office at 099-597-4336. His staff is as wonderful as he is.

His office is centrally located next to Benigno Malo High School off Solano.

Address: Aurelio Aguilar 1-59 y Solano, in Edificio DTM, 2nd Floor, #201.

Contact information:  099 597 4336

Recommended by Nancy Laughlin: 099 553 4761