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Recommendation for Cesar Giovanny Vallejo

All-purpose assistant, driver, guide, tutor, translator

A week ago, in a moment of inattention, I left my purse in a taxi in front of my home in Cuenca. I had just come back from closing on a property, and my purse held passport and official cedula, among other things. My first call was to the facilitator who is helping me with my permanent visa, and she immediately turned me over to a young man who sometimes works with her, better known as Gio. And Gio just took over. He got me an appointment with the US Consulate in Guayaquil after submitting documents and email, drove me around the city, accomplishing in those few, non-stop hours what would have taken me several days to research and complete on my own...making the denuncia at the fiscal (there was another shop we had to go to complete the formulario,) getting the notarizations, several trips to my bank to insure my money was not fraudulently withdrawn, a trip to the Registro Civil for a temporary copy of my cedula. He went over with great care all the requirements of the Consulate for a new passport to be sure I wasn't overlooking anything, came by my house when I was having problems with the consulate website, and Tuesday drove me to Guayaquil (after first checking my documents once again to be sure all was in order) and waited for me outside to drive me back, making himself available in case of a problem. In other words, when I needed someone to take charge and make it all easy, he was there.

Like many people here in Ecuador who have seen their regular work diminish during these challenging times, Gio is branching out or going back to work he had done a number of years ago, including taking people out for day trips, fishing in Cajas, or whatever people would find of interest. A born Cuencano who lived years in the States, he is knowledgeable about the city and has strings of contacts he verifies as competent and honest. He knows real estate and neighborhoods and says he has resources to help with identifying, buying, selling, managing and maintaining properties, as well as vehicles and other assets. He will definitely be my first go-to person when I want some extra help with one task or another.

His rates are reasonable He considers that when he is working with you it is his job to take care of you, and he does. His English good, he is eager to help. He is open to discussing your needs and plans and will give you his prices for your projects. Although I have always taken pride in doing things .on my own, figuring that is the best way to to learn, I realize there are real advantages letting local people do what they know how to do and just enjoying the ride, understanding from them ever new things about my new home.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 966 6699

Recommended by Mary Sennewald: 099 824 6447