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Nuts and more: product and price list update

Hi everybody, I hope you are well, safe and very happy.

I am here to let you know that according to the needs presented by everyone in these times we have updated the list of products to offer having the following list.
It is worth mentioning that these New products will arrive next week. the other ones we can deliver from Friday:

- Psyllium Husk (Pysillium husk, gluten free, natural source of fiber, vegan, low in carbohydrates) 200 grm $6.
-Xanthan Gum (natural powder, Low carb, Vegan, gluten free, high in fiber, organic, NON GMO, binder) 250 grm $5.20
-Hemp Seeds, hemp seeds (NON GMO, fiber, easily digestible protein source, gluten-free,) 200 grm $9.
-Agar Agar (Red alga, high in proteins, minerals and phenolic compounds, low carb, prebiotic) 100 grm $11.
-Stevia leaves (natural calorie-free sweetener, The antibacterial properties of Stevia can be of great help in fighting gingivitis, cavities and ulcers in the mouth. In case of dandruff, have thin hair, dull and brittle or very dry scalp, Stevia has been proven to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair fiber from hairline to tip. Hair treated with Stevia is strengthened and fortified, either by using it as a supplement to the usual shampoo and / or or as a conditioner in the form of tea after washing. 200 grm $6.50
-Erythritol (Low glycemic index, zero calories, NON GMO, keto) 450 gm $7.
-Xylitol (low carb, Natural sweetener, antibacterial) 450 grm $11.
-Monk Friut (Natural sweetener, anti-aging product, cancer preventive, digestive, zero calories, NON GMO, Keto friendly) 450 grm $9.
-Raw Cashews / pound $12.

And as always present you the freshest dried fruits

Walnut Walnut / Walnuts pound / pound $5.50
Almond / Almonds pound / pound $5.50
Raisins / Raisins pound / pound $1.50
Blueberry / Cranberries pound / pound $4.
Prunes / Prunes pound / pound $2.20
Hazelnut / Hazelnuts pound / pound $9.
Pistachio pound / pound $10.50
Cashew tostado / Toasted Cashew pound / pound $11.
Datiles / Dates pound / pound $6.50
Sunflower seeds / Sun Flower seeds pound / pound $3.50
Yellow sesame / Sesame seeds pound / pound $3.
Chia pound / pound $2.
Flax / linseeds pound / pound $1.50
Peanuts pound / pound $2.50
Almond flour / Almond flour pound / pound $6.50

Home delivery made on Wednesdays and Fridays, locations outside the city are charged an extra dollar per order.

I hope to see you soon and thank you for your attention.


25-09-2020, Juan B Vazques Y Remigio Romero

Sandra: 095 905 8058