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Movies and dinner in La Guarida: Little Miss Sunshine

 La Guarida presents on the big screen:

Little Miss Sunshine
a film by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris
(in English with Spanish Subtitles)
with incredible performances by Steve Carrell, Bryan Cranston

Wednesday, September 23rd at 6:15 PM
Doors open at 5 PM
Reservations with dinner only
Info and reservations: 099 806 8071
[Please remember that our maximum capacity for this event is 12 customers. Call ahead as these events sell fast.]

Please contact us for more information about our menu choices. Our wine bottles start at $14.95.

Info: Meet the conflictive Hoover family: a grandfather who snorts coke and swears, the father, a struggling motivational speaker, a mother who can’t cope, an uncle recovering from a failed suicide attempt after being dumped by his boyfriend, a Nietzsche-worshipping son who has taken a vow of silence and little Olive, the four-eyed, slightly pudgy youngster of the bunch who dreams of being beautiful. When luck has Olive invited to participate in the highly competitive ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ pageant in California, they all hop into the rusty old VW bus to accompany her westwards to her big debut in three mad days of tragicomic surprises; this is a family whose lives are in for a change.

Come watch great films and eat delicious, healthy food.
We are located in Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta.

September 23rd, from 9 AM to 9 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM.