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Looking for information about customs

Hola Todos: I am looking for information about the Customs problem at Guayaquil Airport. I have items being held up by Customs and I have heard all sorts of rumors that they are now imposing fines, penalties, and possible confiscation of items. The courier service that I used says it may be a while before this situation is resolved.

Is the problem with Customs? Or the courier services being used by gringos here... or what gives?

Has anyone brought this to the attention of the US Consulate in Guayaquil? Perhaps a phone call from the US Consulate to the Customs Officials at the airport or some other Ecuadorian officials might help.

Perhaps all gringos affected by this should contact the Consulate officials and ask for them to resolve this problem.

This is not good.

Don Vito Corleone

City: Cuenca