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Let's learn another language as friends

Good morning Community, I work in a technology company and we are in a process of global improvement of the company in relation to learning the English language, so our goal is in a maximum of 1 year we can speak and understand the English language.

We have the following level of knowledge of the English language:
very little - little - basic (conversational)

Many of you are looking for the same goal but in Spanish, and nothing better than doing it informally, as friends, learning and helping each other. This would be in teams of one to one or more participants.

The form of communication could be: text messages, voice messages, call or video call. This is nothing formal so it will depend on the comfort and facilities of each team.

People who want to be part of this idea (But serious people who really want to participate), as well as make friends, please contact my WhatsApp 099 291 7736.

We will hold a first meeting using video calls through Google Meet to get to know each other and organize learning teams of two or a maximum of 3 people. This would be some Friday 7 PM or Saturday 3 PM.

Thank you very much for reading and participating in this alternative of socialization and learning.

Any communication system. Any time, all year long.

Christian Flores: 099 291 7736