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Going the extra mile

When we lived in California, Barbara's absolute favorite coffee house was 50 miles south of us in the quaint mission town of San Juan Bautista. So, yes, when we had the time and even with gas hovering just below $5 a gallon (remember that?) if I needed the extra good boy points, we drove down and savored the perfect cup over a relaxing conversation. It's amazing what a mood enhancer an excellent cup of coffee can be. Slow Brew Coffee Cafe fills that need for us now and thankfully it is a short pleasant walk to the cafe.

Until we heard of Alex and 'Boricua', as she prefers to be known, from La Paz near Oña Ecuador I'd never heard of anyone else's husband going that extra mile for the perfect cup of coffee for his wife. So once a week when they come to shop in Cuenca they stop by Slow Brew and relax over a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in a quaint coffee house, run by the young passionate owner operator Diego Arevalo.

Every day you get internationally acclaimed coffee beans, roasted and brewed by an award-winning barista in a quaint coffee house. But today, Friday, you also will get fresh out of the oven Rough Knuckle Vanilla Glazed Blueberry and Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Scones made by Diego. Need I say more?

Brighten your day, warm your heart, take a walk, take in the scenery, meet a friend, talk, relax, smile and learn about Ecuadorian coffee. If you and your crew didn't solve the world's problems last week you have another chance. In either English or Spanish the language of coffee is spoken here. Please don't forget to pick up a bag of coffee to take home. It’s good to get out, but staying in on a rainy day with a hot cup of coffee works too.

If life is a journey and I believe it is, put this coffee house on your list of "Places to Go and Things to Do".

Stay Healthy and Be Happy.

While supply lasts after 10 AM., Located at Aurelio Aguilar between Avenida Solano and Federico Proaño Aurelio Aguilar between Avenida Solano and Frederico Proano.