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Free classes on Conscious Living begin Sept 7-9

The Oasis Center for Conscious Living will begin a series of free classes this September on the New Practices and Principles of Conscious Living.

We will offer our 4-part course, with one class each week for 4 weeks. You can choose an in-person class experience in Cuenca, Ecuador, or an online Zoom class experience. For those who come in-person, you will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon at our Center and Eco Resort, including additional discussion and application to further explore topics from the morning class.

The in-person class will meet on either Mondays or Wednesdays, starting the week of September 7th, and the online Zoom class will be offered each Tuesday, starting September 8th.

Class time for both options is from 10 am - 12 noon, and for those joining via Zoom, this will be in Central Std Time. Please try to attend all classes offered in each Course, as the classes build upon each other.

New Practices and Principles of Conscious Living - The 4 week course will follow this general outline:

1) Discussion of the evolution of consciousness starting from the 1960's through today. Introduce the concepts of Conscious Living including the 3 Levels of Consciousness of our species. Description and application of energy states from "Power vs Force" that comprise the 3 levels of Consciousness.
2) Exploration of 3 distinct Paths of opportunity being offered in our world via the label of a global "crisis". We have been given an invitation to choose personally and collectively between 3 distinct paths, offering potential possibilities for enslavement, extinction, or enlightenment.
3) Discussion to focus on the actual elements, principles and practices of a New Earth. We will explore the 5 Faces of Freedom, as described by the practice of forgiveness and use the process as a means to identify with the much needed essence of the Spiritual Mind.
4) The final week explores Conscious Dying, a key element of Conscious Living. Investigation of practical ways to dramatically change and co-create your life and the future of our species and Earth via the process of Conscious Dying to the old paradigms within Self and Humanity.

Our classes are offered without charge. Donations/gifts to our Center and/or our teacher are graciously welcomed. To register for the 4 in-person classes in Cuenca, Ecuador, contact Louis Bourgeois via Private Message or email at

To register for the 4 online classes, contact Lynn Koll at and she will send you a link to the Zoom class.

Thank you and we look forward to exploring this cutting edge course with all of you; definitely needed at this amazing and critical time in our life.

The Oasis Center for Conscious Living: Ecuador

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10 AM - noon, free, The Oasis Center for Conscious Living or online via Zoom, Cuenca.

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