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Expat Envoy -- still going strong (updated dates starting October)

Hello Everyone, We've been successfully making trips back and forth to the US since the lock-down lifted, and have managed to keep up with it all (more or less).

Due to the consistent volume of packages received (30+ daily), we're able to plan and schedule out several trips per month.

Our new (starting in October) cutoff every month will be the 15th, for a pickup/delivery on the 28th. This is for every month. If something arrives by the 15th of X month, it will be available in Cuenca on the 28th of X month.

Cutoff in US = 15th of each month.
Availability in Cuenca (delivery or pickup) = 28th of each month
(There will be an exception for December. The pickup/delivery in December will be before the 25th.)

Need something brought to the US? Mailed from within?
No problem.

Looking for medication that can’t be bought in Ecuador?
We’ve got you covered.

Expat envoy makes regular trips to the US for the sole purpose of safely transporting your item(s) to/from Cuenca.

Our rates are:
$5 "letter items" (flat rate, no order fee)
$10 “manila envelope items” (flat rate, no order fee)
$20 per order fee (regardless of item count)
+$5 per half pound of weight.

For details, visit us at, or email us directly at

Cuenca, Ecuador & USA.

Harrison Paul: