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Electrical repairs needed?

Are you protected against lightning strikes? Are your computer and other high cost appliances grounded? Some of those lightning strikes have been very close to Cuenca and could easily take out un-grounded electronics connected to the electrical system. Want to check for a ground, or have a ground circuit connected? We have an Ecuadorian certified Electrical Engineer (Not sure if he is for real? Here is his Ecuadorian Registration number for electrician 2138-2020-2157882) ready to work for you. Just contact us and we’ll arrange for him to visit and analyze your situation.

We also have a number of other craftsmen who can remedy any number of problems in your home or on your property. Fences fixed (electrical or non-electrical)? Security camera installed? Survey completed? Installation of windows, doors? Tables built?  

Please contact us. See our page on Facebook: Cuenca, Emilio of all trades, handyman, as well as GringoPost for recommendations.

Calle Canton Saraguro S/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros.

Emilio Morocho:   WhatsApp 098 699 5694