GringoPost | Ecuador: Do you currently take anticholinergic drugs?

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Do you currently take anticholinergic drugs?

What is acetylcholine and why is it important?

Let’s nail down the basics. Acetylcholine (ACh) is a critical neurotransmitter. It can be pronounced a couple of different ways (ASS-se-TEAL-coal-EEN; AS-i-TILE-Koh-LEEN; uh-settle-COAL-lean).

This crucial compound is responsible for a great many vital functions. Without ACh we would die in short order. It activates muscles. You could not walk, breathe or pick up a pencil without acetylcholine on board.

Acetylcholine and the brain:

ACh is also essential to the central nervous system. It plays a critical function for learning and memory. When our cholinergic neurons (that make acetylcholine) become dysfunctional, we end up with memory problems and/or Alzheimer’s disease.

If you are interested in preserving your brain and memory, please go to the link below for more important information.

This is not a sales pitch for anything. I'm a senior expat like most of you and dementia of any form concerns me the most regarding my health. Alzheimer's has been called "the long goodbye".

We still have a lot to contribute to the world. So stay safe and healthy so you and the rest of us can be around long enough to bug the younger generations with our wit, advice, life experiences and good examples.

Alice Mendell

City: Cuenca