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Covid-19 update from Hogar de Esperanza

With now over 5,700 cases in Cuenca, COVID-19 has gotten to the point where it is so wide-spread in the community, there is no stopping it. With about 80% of those with COVID-19 not showing symptoms and therefore, not being tested, it is probably safe to say there are many more cases than are being reported. For the past six months, with thousands of people passing through our doors to receive assistance here at Hogar de Esperanza, we have not had a case at the foundation until a few weeks ago. Of the 23 people staying or working at the foundation, everyone has been tested using various methods to determine their COVID-19 status. Our doctor treats COVID-19 patients and is considered an expert in this field.

Of those who tested positive for COVID-19 at the foundation, none had any serious illness that required any sort of hospitalization or special medications for treatment. And, thankfully, all of those who work closely with the public and our most vulnerable patients ALL tested negative. So, at no time was there ever any risk to the public. That includes me, Sandro, Oscar, Teresa and Jose.

Our Thrift Shop and all activities of the foundation will continue as normal as those at the foundation with COVID-19 have been isolated on the Second Floor of the foundation and will remain in quarantine until the doctors certify that they are free of the virus.

This situation, however, has put tremendous stress on our finances. We have had to put extra resources into testing and extra sanitation measures recently to ensure that the situation is contained. In addition, with a reduced volunteer pool, we have had to pay people to help us complete certain critical activities as some of our volunteers have had to go into quarantine. We also have huge demands for medications and food that we have not been able to meet because of the extra expenses, and we need to meet those needs this next week. Any amount you are able to donate will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your support of our continuing work during this especially challenging time.

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca