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Conversation class

Good morning everyone. I have received a number of inquiries and I thought I would improve my ad so your questions would be addressed in this new ad:

We all know that this quarantine is stressful because we cannot do so many activities outdoor as we used to, something as simple as going to the supermarket can be enjoyable. We all need to be active, to interact with others.

As an Ecuadorian native, and a good English speaker I wish to offer my services in conversational Spanish class.

I would like to offer a class that will help you to live and interact in Ecuador after this quarantine is over. With my help, you can put to good use the time that you have on your hands right now to take you current level of Spanish wherever it is to a new level. I believe I can help you. We can plan together on the way to work on YOUR plan. The first half hour will be free so we can assess where you are.

What you will get from this class is a very interesting and interactive way to learn to speak Spanish, you’ll be part of some activities, daily conversations, how to introduce yourself to new friends, how to ask for help when you’re in the supermarket, how to ask for help when you’re traveling, etc.

You all know that learning to speak Spanish and an understandable pronunciation is important in this country. It really makes your life easier and so much more pleasant. It will give you the ability to find more friends, Ecuadorian friends and the most important thing... you can enjoy important moments of your life in Ecuador in a better way. We know that those of you who are still here in Ecuador at this point are here because you like it here and I want to help you to enjoy being here as much as I love visiting the United States when I go there because I speak English.

Don’t miss on this learning opportunity. This conversation class, will be a very good funny way to learn speaking with very good techniques, I will correct your mistakes as they happen if that is a style of learning you agree with. Again, as we assess your present level of Spanish, we will plan how to improve/teach you Spanish in a fun way. If you want to learn to write Spanish and concentrate on learning grammar, we can also do that as it is your class but I would like you to first think about conversation as the primary direction this class should be. Once you become more conversant you can add to the classes.

Also, you’ll be helping to support someone who can’t work right now because of this pandemic. I am a university graduate and worked as an engineer until this quarantine. I want to be a productive member of society and an expat friend suggested that I was not only an engineer but also an English speaker and there are many expats who want to learn Spanish and they have time to do it right now.

I will charge $7 an hour for a One on One class. Since we are staying in, we will discuss the means to pay me which could be an online bank transfer or payment t my bank account at the bank. We can do this on Zoom which will make this a very personal experience between 2 persons.

I’ll be glad to attend all your concerns.

This is my email:
If you use WhatsApp you can contact me: 095 995 0988
Facebook: Jorge Trelles.
You can also check my promotional video on facebook:

Have a wonderful day.


Jorge Trelles:  095 995 0988