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Chinese food lunch special at the Good Life Cafe

Lunch will be served from noon to whenever we run out of this amazing Chinese food.
Eat in or order to go by calling: 096 269 4801

When I think of Chinese Food, I think of a very high-end restaurant in London I once ate at with my friend who is 52nd in line for the throne. To say we got VIP treatment is the understatement of the year. When we walked in, he was announced and everyone "clinked" their glasses with their was surreal. The dinner was out of this world and it was one of the most memorable dining experiences of my life. It wasn't memorable for all the reasons it should be though. It was memorable because he stuck me with the check which, for 2 people, was almost $800. In retrospect, the food was that good, but I would have liked a warning before being handed a bill that size. Thank God for American Express...I never leave home without it.

Our Chinese Food Chef is back with a vengeance. He has been perfecting his art and the result is nothing short or outer worldly when it comes to a taste profile. His food is so good, people that don't normally like Chinese food like it. But, as always, I challenge you to prove me wrong. Come in for Lunch on Saturday and try it for yourself. You taste buds will thank you.

Featured Chinese food menu for one Saturday's lunch special is as follows:

1. General Tso Chicken with mixed vegetables and rice - $10

2. Sweet and Sour Chicken with mixed vegetables and rice - $10

3. Sesame Chicken with mixed vegetables and rice - $10

We have a limited number of these dishes and once they are gone, they are gone - I promise you do not want to miss this if you like Chinese food.

September 19, 2020, Ordonez Lasso y Ave. Los Cedros 5-58

Dave:  096 269 4801