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Body Balance massage therapy with Jerri Elena Ridley

Greetings Cuenca massage enthusiasts:

My massage practice {Body Balance} of 18 years was created out of a love of helping people find relief from their day-to-day stress, headaches, body tension and pain.

I am very happy to gauge the session towards your needs, employing any and all modalities studied and practiced through the 19+ years of professional service experience I enjoyed, and mostly attained, in the Medical Health and Wellness Community I worked amongst.

My experience has taken me through massage therapy offices, hospitals, hospice, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, chiropractic offices, and a pediatric office, as well as my own private practice. My educational background incorporates advanced deep tissue and myo-skeletal alignment, neuromuscular massage, trigger point and compression therapies, acupressure and reflexology classes/practice, kinesiology, muscle palpation, sports massage & stretching, Lomi Lomi, basic Swedish relaxing massage, light energy work, nutrition & herbalism classes. I am also a Yoga Teacher, and understand the importance of good breath work for great muscle relaxation and tension releases.

The physical effects of a massage session include improved health in all our body systems, including our circulatory system, fascial system (connective tissue), integumentary system (skin), muscular system, nervous system, skeletal system, endocrine system, digestive system, and immune system, which is key to health improvement, especially in times, like these. You can be sure that you have experienced healing hands, and intentions, when you choose to have massage sessions on my table.

My massage practice has always been one in helping others to heal themselves, and feel progress in your healing. Each person has a clean room, surfaces and fresh sheets, each day. If you have any questions, or would love to receive a relaxing or deep tissue therapeutic session, I am happy to cater to your needs. Please send an email for any information you require.
A sincere thanks for your consideration of my services.

Jerri Elena Ridley

Roberto Crespo 6-54, between 10 de Agosto and the Yanuncay River. Normal hours are between 9 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday

Jerri Elena Ridley: