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Before returning to the USA

 If you are considering leaving Ecuador please consider living in Turkey. Yes, Turkey! I lived in Cuenca for about seven years, and prior to that been to more than 30 countries. Not that my experiences are the definitive for everyone, ok, plus I am 80 y. o. so no spring chicken.

I came to Turkey, the city of Antalya, in January this year, not without some serious trepidations, being a 99% Muslim country. Well, I was very surprised in many positive ways and now, eight months later, very happy about living here.

Here are some of he benefits in no particular order. The friendliness, willingness to help and respect is amazing. Crime is almost non-existent…no car alarms, no house alarms, no burglaries, no petty theft…a woman can walk alone at night and be perfectly safe. The cost of living here is less than Cuenca and much better choice and quality products, consumables and non-consumables. Services like repairs, home deliveries, etc. are excellent. Restaurants are many and very inexpensive. The Mediterranean sea is fantastic. Europe is on the doorstep. Condo costs are about the same as Cuenca but much higher quality construction. Getting a residence visa took three weeks. The cost, including an interpreter, around $600. We have sunshine almost every day. If you want to know more please email me at

Gerald Hagen