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10th yr. Anniversary - CuencaShop gives you 12.5% off

 Yes, I have been happily married for 10 years (and my wife and I are going away for a few days).
So, help a brother out and enjoy a 12.5% discount at the CuencaShop.

Yes, inside the Kings Smokehouse Sans Sebastian location.

So, everything besides the King Smokehouse and Amiel products is 12.5% off. (I would give you more but I still have to pay for the product)

*Yes the wine -12.5% off
*Yes the Licors -12.5% off
(by the way we have some very nice tequilas just in)
*Yes the Chocolate (I would take advantage and buy the To'ak as you wont get it cheaper, and you know I have the best range of Ecuador Chocolate in town) 12.5% off
*Yes In stock Nature's Sunshine products 12.5% off
*Yes the essential oils -12.5% off (and I just got some new Tea Tree & Eucalyptus oils in)
*Yes the housewares -12.5% off
*Yes the vitamins -12.5% off
*Yes the olive oils -12.5% off
*Yes the protein powders, ginger powder, stevia drops - all 12.5% off
*Yes the vanilla beans - 12.5% off
*Yes the coffee - 12.5% off (we have some lovely coffee from Loja and the Orient)

So the "Lets help a comrade enjoy (pay) for his few frugal days away- 10th year Anniversary to his lovely wife" sale starts now and finishes the 30th September.

If you can’t leave the house - use our delivery service.
Juan will take your orders 096 279 4915 (Because I will probably be in a no reception zone)

If you buy all the stock while I am away, I will celebrate by being able to get in Jameson Whiskey into the store. Bonus.

Seriously, times are tough for us all, and we appreciate all your support.

8-66 Coronel Talbot Sans Sebastian Park (Look for King's Smokehouse). Wed 23rd - Wed 30th September 9 AM to 6 PM.

Tyrone:  098 402 6399