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Your world is about to get greener, fresher, and more organic

Introducing “El Mundo Orgánico”, an exciting, innovative and refreshingly different approach to your purchase of organic fruits and vegetables and other healthful and natural products.

El Mundo Orgánico’s team has scoured the Ecuadorian countryside as far away as Arenillas, Macas and Loja and into Peru to find some of the best farms and orchards committed to growing produce with the most-recognized organic methodologies. These farmers and producers are passionate about bringing their organic produce and products to you in partnership with El Mundo Orgánico.

El Mundo Orgánico’s business model is simple. In about 1-2 weeks from now, you will simply just place your order online or via What’s App text for your selection of their organic vegetables and fruits for delivery to your home (free of charge within Cuenca’s city limits), but you don’t need to stop your shopping with just produce!

In the coming weeks, when El Mundo Orgánico opens its physical store location, you will be able to not only purchase organic fruits and vegetables, but also other organic items, such as honey, coffee, teas, spices, chocolate, yogurt, shrimp and beauty products, as well as free-range trout, chicken and eggs, and such natural, chemical-free products as cheeses, pickles, liqueurs, fruits and vegetables. El Mundo Orgánico will also feature lines of Diabetic-Friendly, Keto, Sugar-Free, Lactose-Free and Gluten-Free foods and condiments. All of these products may be purchased online for home delivery.

From El Mundo Orgánico’s online or physical stores, you will also be able to purchase Ecuador-made home décor items and artwork, as well as eco-friendly cleaning aids, such as Eco-Chapi Products®—home, patio, whisk, and street brooms, brushes, and related products—all biodegradable and handmade from the Chapi tree found in the Amazon Rainforest.

El Mundo Orgánico will continue to add more and more eco-friendly, healthful, organic, and natural products to its online and physical stores. In short, there will be something for everyone. 

At this time, El Mundo Orgánico would appreciate hearing from you. Please tell El Mundo Orgánico if you have a particular organic, natural, lactose-free, gluten-free, and/or sugar-free food product that you would like for them to carry. You may send your request via text only to WhatsApp. (From a non-Ecuador phone number to +593 93 906 2640 or from an Ecuador phone number to 093 906 2640.

To stay informed on our progress, join our mailing list at

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Francisco Cisneros y Autopista #582 (Via Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal). August 1, 2020

Dave:  093 906 2640