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When is the best time to address an Osteopath? Or Ivana?

Postural imbalances originate silently without showing any symptoms. Addressing them when the person still does not feel any pain is absolutely the most opportune moment. With proper treatment, it is possible to maintain a correct posture, motor and functional freedom, and achieve a general well-being for the person. Prevention is a way of curtailing the cure which is needed as a result of injury from malpractice of posture and other physical mishaps. Prevention is always better than cure.

I am Ivana NoroƱa and graduated from the Universidad de Cuenca with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. I have a specialization in Osteopathy certification from the School Osteopathy of Madrid Spain.

Treatment Options:

• Personal evaluation
• Cranial-Sacral Therapy
• Kinesiology
• Pre/Post-surgical rehabilitation
• Sport rehabilitation
• Relaxing massage with Shiatsu
• Physical Therapy
• Home Visit
• Consultation leading to a healthier lifestyle Physical

Areas of Treatment:

• Joint, muscle and tendon injuries
• Backache & Symptoms of herniated disc
• Knee, Neck, ankle, and Shoulder pain
• Facial and Half-body paralysis (hemiplegia)
• Physical conditioning for the elderly
• Physical conditioning pre-post-surgery
• Headaches, migraines, vertigo
• Pyramid syndrome & Sciatica
• Epicondylitis
• Consultation on other physical injuries

Padre Julio Matovelle 8- 49 y Lorenzo Piedra. Monday to Saturday Call or Email for appt (Sundays emergency only)

Ivana Norona: 099 049 7222