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Recommendation for SkyFit, small group pilates including 60+

I'd like recommend Sky Rajewski, at SkyFit, as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer.

Being over 60, my options for fitness are limited for exercise outside of my home. Fortunately, I have attended Sky’s Pilates classes since I arrived here 4 years ago.

Sky now offers small classes of up to 8 students in her open window studio in El Centro on Sucre. With only up to 8 students in each class, we are able to spread out way over 6 feet apart to exercise.

•••As of yesterday, Sky has two openings if you’re interested.

I was enrolled in her Pilates class when I fell and broke my wrist in 2017. After just a few months of Pilates three times a week with Sky, I regained full feeling in all of my fingers as well as in my hand. When I left physical therapy, both the surgeon and the therapist weren't sure how much mobility I would get back. My results so far are not just in my hand and wrist, but also increased overall strength, body tone and flexibility. The big bonus is how much my posture has improved.

For me, Sky's workouts are actually "fun" since we do something different each time, using a variety of techniques and equipment such as weights, big balls, little balls, bands, noodles, and foam rollers.

Address: SkyFit on Sucre 7 - 70 y Luis Cordero, (El Centro near the Old Cathedral/Parque Calderon)

Address: Sucre 7 - 70 y Luis Cordero

Contact information:

Recommended by Nancy Elle: 099 866 0379