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Recommendation for Roosvelt Rojas Bravo

I came to Cuenca, EC May, 2019, at age 81. I was interested in a posting by Roosevel Bravo who introduced his practice of Rolfing.

Roosvelt is an experienced Integral Holistic Rolfing practitioner.

I recommend Roosvelt as having given me a positive experience in my first four sessions of Rolfing massage. Rolfing is a systematic approach to aligning your structure; each session builds upon the last and prepares the body for the next. The first three sessions work on the more superficial layers of connective tissue. Sessions four through seven remove strain from deeper layers of the body.

I was a trained massage therapist for 20 years. I had heard about Rolfing as being strenuous or painful. That was not so for me, as he is gentle and the process is ongoing for ten sessions.

I had foot reflexology in the first four sessions. Foot reflexology is basic to whole body health. It treats the nervous system throughout the body. I knew right away that I had an experienced observer accessing the condition of my muscles and spinal curve in the first four sessions. He calls the realign process as working with fascia. Fascia is muscles, and can be ligaments and connective tissue which controls our bones.

I often had poor posture, not keeping my back straight doing my artwork nor while sitting at the computer for long hours. As a result, I had muscle contractions and over time, severely sudden muscle contractions. Nothing could help with that, until now.

In the first 4 initial rolfing sessions, I realized Roosvelt was concentrating working in different parts that he saw as out of alignment. He is well trained in his field.

He worked on my shoulders, arms and hips and spinal vertebrae and muscles in different sessions. I now walk straighter and do not experience fatigue in my back anymore. The good news is that I have 6 more sessions to go.

A few years ago I consulted an experienced chiropractor in California. After x-rays and an initial exam, I was told that nothing much could be done for me as I was too old and my bones and muscles couldn't take chiropractic work.

I seriously recommend Roosvelt as an experienced trained Rolfer for most of your body needs. I had a release of emotional concerns too. Rolfing can be a body-mind experience. His price is quite reasonable considering the results that he affects.

Suzanne Cerny, local artist and happy gardener

Address: Av OrdoƱes Lasso y Los Pinos

Contact information:  593 099 927 8767

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny: