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Professional and experienced facilitator / translator from the States

Greetings, My name is Eric Flores. To get straight to the point I am offering my services as a translator/facilitator. I am available to accompany you to your appointments, grocery shopping, meetings, over the phone issues like handling utilities, etc. I specialize but am not limited to medical translation with efficiency. If this interests you keep on reading and I'll provide my information as well as a little about myself. If not then I hope you find what you're looking for and have a wonderful day.

First of all, I am a US citizen who is currently residing in the city of Cuenca due to the current world wide pandemic. Due to the current situation back at the states, here in Cuenca and personal goals such as my academic studies; I have strongly considered moving to Cuenca and am pursuing a new and prosperous life here.

I was born and raised in the state of New York and throughout my academic years went to bilingual elementary school and high school. I am very fluent in both the English and Spanish languages. I can read, write and speak fluently in both languages. With this knowledge and experience I am using it to my advantage in order to start a business offering my services as a translator/facilitator.

With the money earned I am hoping to continue my studies here in one of the universities of Cuenca. I was attending a CUNY college by the name of "College of Staten island". This is where I obtained a minor in ethics and at the same time was pursuing a bachelor's degree in biology. I made it up to my 5th semester in my bachelor's for a biology degree. I am hoping to have enough clients soon in order to fund and continue my medical studies.

I hope all this transparency would be a start to building not only a professional relationship but also a friendship and bond with anyone who's interested. I am available to meet with anyone who's interested in order to get to know each other better. We can have a sort of meet and greet where you could ask me questions or if you'd prefer to contact me with questions that's fine as well. Which ever works best for you.

I currently don't have a chip with a cellphone number from Ecuador but I can be reached via WhatsApp by the number I still have from NY or my email.

+1 347 651 2638

Hope you're all safe, healthy and having a lovely day.


Eric Flores