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Is your dog warm enough in this weather?

It is really cold out there and your dog just loves to go out for a walk. But is it too cold for your beloved pet? Here are some factors that help you decide.
1. Find out the pet’s race – it’s fundamental. Different races of dogs can tolerate different temperatures. A dog like a Husky or Malamut suffers in a hot climate whereas a Basenji (a hunting dog that originated in Africa) freezes in cold temperatures. They suffer a lot if they are transported to other climates for which their bodies are unsuited.
2. Will your pet live inside or outside your house? If it lives in the garden or yard, make sure that its house is acclimatized and protects it from wind, rain, heat or cold. If it lives with you in your house, be careful of extreme changes of temperature - from outside to inside, for example.
3. Set up a wardrobe appropriate for your dog. Do you know where it originated – is it a hot or cold climate dog? Does it need warm clothes? If you train it when it is very little, it will accept a jacket.
4. If you see any respiratory problems, contact your trusted veterinarian as quickly as possible.

La Mia Mascota Pet Shop and Veterinary Clinic understands the needs of your pets. We have warm clothing and pet beds, all available in various sizes so that you can pamper your beloved dog or cat.

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