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Share a beautiful mansion, personal chef, auxiliary nurse and cleaning

Share a fully furnished mansion with 8-10 people 55 years old and up, English speaking auxiliary nurse or attendant / Butler on staff 24 hours a day, plus shared cleaning staff, laundry service available and weekly medicine pick up available too. Live in the lap of luxury with your own personal chef, Bodhi Kroll, who will coordinate 3 meals a day with his team. We will plan menus 1 month in advance for your approval and the menu can include American, English, Thai food, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, fusions and special requests. Breakfast will be American style.

Nine rooms to pick from, each with a bathroom. There will be a discount for shared rooms. Pool table, card table and bar. Huge garden with lots of space to plant vegies if you like to garden. 4 living rooms, indoor outdoor space with BBQ. Sign up and meet the chef and the other interested people and tour the home.

10 minutes from downtown Cuenca. One-year contracts. Totally furnished. Call or email to see pics.

The cost will be $1,500 per month per person, to include everything aforementioned plus, internet, electricity, water and gas. There is a slightly smaller room that will go for $1,450 and 2 extra big rooms that will go for $1,700 and $1,850 is triple-sized with a kitchen, but 6 out of the 9 rooms will be $1,500 per person or share a room and save 10% per person.

We have a meal credit system for missed meals which means you can invite friends to eat some of your missed meals.

Catered parties for your friends available upon request.

Excursions organized.

In Short: great group of people, great mansion, great food, great English-speaking staff 24 / 7 = great lifestyle and great piece of mind.

We will commence everything when we have a minimum of 8 sign-ups. We have a maximum of 14 spaces available if there are shared rooms and 8 spaces if there are 1 per room.

We are setting up tours every Friday at 11:45 AM so call or email or message us to make an appointment to tour the mansion.

Cuenca Call for directions. Fridays 11:45 AM

Bodhi Kroll: 096 900 7688