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Recommendation for Nestor Reinoso, English speaking driver

Nestor Reinoso has driven us from Guayaquil to Cuenca and back many times and I have recommended him in the past, but I felt this time I really had to write again as the situation over the last few months has been so tricky.

Nestor drove us down to Guayaquil in early March. Enjoyable, timely and courteous as always, his professionalism is why we like him, plus he is a good guy. Then everything changed and travel became very tricky. When we finally got our tickets to return, in late June, I booked Nestor to pick us up in Guayaquil unsure of almost everything about the trip. Nestor told us to just send him copies of our passports and he would take care of all the paperwork for travel up on his end.

Well of course the flight was changed, delayed (by a day) and getting through the airport took hours, but Nestor just went with it and it was a relief to see him in Guayaquil at the doors as we came out. We had permission to quarantine in Cuenca and on the ride up I realized just how much Nestor has done to help people get to repatriation flights, pick people up in various parts of the country who were stranded and generally move people around in the last few months. In the middle of all this confusion he has just keep on trucking, so to speak. He can do this because unlike a lot of other drivers he is properly licensed and recognized as a professional driver and when push comes to shove he can get you through.

We appreciate him and recommend really strongly if you want a driver who will absolutely, positively get you there call Nestor.

Address: Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information: +593 99 623 9495 WhatsApp

Recommended by John Lay: