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Cuenca New Day – what next?

“A pun has not completely matured until it is full groan.”

In my last posting, I mentioned that I’d do an update about what the team decided over the weekend about technology, policies, administration. I want to make clear that this is an overview – much will not be written since the details would interest few readers.

Some good news and some bad news about technology.

First the good news. We will develop a website that will allow you to access our articles and have a good embedded search function for old articles. We will provide easy, current access to some important information (e.g. current quarantine traffic light color and rules). We will monitor official sites such as the COE, the Consejo de Seguridad, EMOV, etc. to provide primary sourced information.

Besides the normal features that you would expect, we will have a unique feature. You will be able to sign up for email alerts. These alerts will be about things that are unusual and important (e.g. major earthquakes, dangerous level of volcanic ash in the air, etc.)

And, we decided to allow comments, replies, and up and down voting. (Please note: name-calling, “food fights”, and off subject posts will not be published.)

Now the bad news. Our original plans called for a simple system for signing up to receive a pushed newsletter. The features which we will now be providing will be more complex. So, we will be hiring a company to provide the I.T. infrastructure needed. We had hoped to begin with a version of Cuenca New Day by the 10th of July. This will be delayed. We will give an updated start time estimate once we’ve provided full specifications and signed a contract with the selected I.T. company.

In my last post, I wrote about our general guiding policies. These will be reflected in our written policies – we are working on finalizing these.

We’ve already received many suggestions for articles and offers to write articles. So far, with one exception, these ideas seem wonderful. No article will appeal to everyone, but even targeted articles will find numerous eager readers.

Finally, it has always been obvious that having 26 people running this type of venture would never work. So, a formal structure has been created. It should prevent major errors in judgment, allow flexibility, and fast response when necessary. There is now a five-person governing board. Various tasks will be distributed to our members based on their interests and skills.

There will be one editor responsible to the board for her decisions. And, I’m pleased to report that the editor of Cuenca New Day will be a woman with fantastic credentials and abilities. She will bring a compassionate sensibility to the news that benefits you and our community. She will soon introduce herself to you along with providing information about upcoming projects. Look for her first posting under our heading "Cuenca New Day".

I will be stepping back from my “face of" Cuenca New Day postings effective with this post. Thanks so much for the support and also for some deserved criticism. Stay tuned . . .

It's a new day in Cuenca – Cuenca New Day

Future postings. Stay tuned.

Klaus Schmidt: