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A Jobs Idea

Every one of us who have been here any length of time has seen the increase of begging and the visible hunger of the poor. I don't know if this is a good idea or not but one thing every open store in Cuenca has are items that just seem to sit there unsold forever. Nothing ever gets thrown out.

I know a store owner on Calle Larga that sells just about everything. There are Clorox bottles on a top shelf that you can't read the labels because they are covered with inches of dust. I'm sure she would love a free clean-up crew in return for some of her really old items. There are stores with more cheap watches that will never be sold. Parts for coffee makers, household items etc. Expired food cans.

You name the product or store and you'll find products that have been on shelves for years. Just collecting dust. Maybe some of the fabric stores have boxes of scrap or old samples. Clothing stores with outdated clothing. I'm sure I am underestimating what we could and will find.

We ask the Mayor or Governor to donate some empty space. There is plenty of that around. It would not have to be very large but we also have to remember that a pandemic is ongoing. We can get unemployed people to break down the products into salvageable materials; metals, plastics, screws, washers, rubber etc.

I'm sure there are a number of expats with way more knowledge on this subject then I have. Undoubtedly, there will be problems and drawbacks. But if we could start with a small, cleanup your store free crew and a small salvage crew, who knows where it this will lead. Maybe this idea could be incorporated into an existing organization or maybe not. I'm just throwing this out there. It could generate jobs, improve the environment and give a little hope for some people who are now walking the streets.

I have thick skin, so I am ready for the good, bad and the ugly comments that am sure will be forthcoming from posting an idea here. Hopefully there will be more good ones than bad. BTW I'm an elder like many reading this and I am willing to volunteer some personal hours into a project like this. Hope this type of project will appeal to some of our younger generations and they can run with it.

I only walk these days lol! Please notice I am not asking for any donations just time and good ideas. Let's get a positive consensus first. Maybe a group of us with like thinking and varied experience can create something good for a City and Country we now call home.

At this point in time, please just email me at Thanks for reading.

Steve Waxman