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UV-C disinfection lights w or w/o ozone

Two models are available at CosasPrep or for delivery inside Ecuador. Both models provide Ultraviolet light in the 253.7 nanometer range that in 30 minutes has been shown to sterilize:
-Escherichia coli (99.42%)
-Staphylococcus aureus (99.92%)
-Candida albicans (99.09%)
-Aspergillus niger (97.73%)
-Mucor mucedo GIM3.84 (88.00%)
-Penicillium citrinum gIM3.100 (99.15%)
-Mites: 100%
(Certification and pricing details are available on our website –

This is serious equipment. Do not look directly into the light, or spend time with exposed skin toward the lamp. To protect your heath, and the health of pets, these lamps feature a motion sensor that automatically turns the lamps off when you enter the room. About 20 seconds after you’ve left the room, the sterilization process resumes.

For the model that includes ozone production, it should only be used in an area that can be aired-out after use. The ozone generated is often used to destroy viruses, mold and bacteria in the air. Ozone will penetrate nooks and crannies found in carpets, walls and light fixtures.
According to the manufacturer, their major buyers are hospitals, and most of them choose the option without ozone. (For home use, we are seeing that most people choose the model with ozone.) Coverage: About 40 square meters.
(Contact us for delivery/payment options – including credit cards and PayPal.)

-Black – Model with Ozone
-Price – $159 (includes IVA)
-White – Model without Ozone
-Price – $155 (includes IVA)
Price includes free delivery.

Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo (Inside the Sunrise Cafe). Tuesdays through Sundays 9 a.m. 3 p.m.

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