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Tienda Cafe menu, new sizes and products

Tienda Café it´s a small family business and all our products represent that homemade feeling: our pies, coffee (we use a local bean from Yunguilla Valley), buying bread and fruits from local little Tiendas.

Now we are going to have homemade whole wheat bread $0.20, and chicken empanadas $1.
In addition, we are making smaller sizes of pies: apple, chocolate, banana cream, lemon merengue $10 (about 4 slices).

Apple and cinnamon / blackberry scones 8/$7
Snickerdoodle cookies 10/$7
Lemon bars 4/$6, 8/$10

Chicken pot pie $11 about 4 slices. $13 about 8 slices.
Mac n’ cheese, 4 big servings.
Chicken or veggie paztel Azteca, 4 big servings.

Also we have bags of coffee beans MiQafe (organic) 453 grms $7.50
1200 (from Yunguilla Valley) 250 grms 4.50/1 Kilo $13.50

We are at the shop located at San Sebastian Plaza, between Sucre and Bolivar street. From 8:30 AM to 1 PM. To place an order for any of our products you can write me or call 099 924 7837. You can pick up your order from the shop or we also deliver.

Coronet Talbot 8-52 between Sucre and Bolivar Street. Monday thru Saturday, from 8:30 AM / 6 PM

Isabel Tinoco: 099 924 7837