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Looking for info about IESS waiting periods

Have 3 questions:

1- I signed up successfully for IESS on 6/16. I am told that to pay for IESS it must be done from the 5th of the month to the 15th of the month. So, if I have successfully signed up (and received my certificate) on 6/16 would my first payment be due between the 5th of July and the 15th of July? A simple yes or no would suffice please.

2- True or false: I know I can go to the Emergency Room if there is an emergency, but is there a waiting period to see a doctor? Since I am registered as of 6/16 would I be able to see a doctor now, or on or after 7/16?

3- Medications. Again, since I am registered 6/16 am I entitled to get my medications through the Iess pharmacy now... or do I have to wait one month until 7/16?

Appreciate the help. Thanks.

Sal Tessio

City: Cuenca