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Do you love chocolate? To'ak in Cuenca

In these stressful times, people are treating themselves and their love ones with a reminder that they are important.

Do you love chocolate?

How about a 75% dark chocolate, made from cacao from Santa Cruz Island, Galapagas.
Lightly roasted with flavor notes of cookies & fudge, brown fruits, winter spices.
Yes, a delight for the dark chocolate connoisseur - $25 (incl. delivery to anywhere in Cuenca and Azogues)

Or maybe you are more into:
76% heirloom dark chocolate that has been aged 2 years in a bourbon barrel.
Tasting notes of nutty, woody, honey, plums, vanilla, plum.
This one has been extremely popular. - $50 (including delivery)

For those of you who like Tequila notes:
A true delight:
73% Heirloom chocolate aged 3 years in a tequila barrel.
Tasting notes: Ripe fruit, agave, vanilla, nutmeg, oak. $55 (inc delivery)

Now for the true connoisseur:
Mini 18 Bar selection that allows you to see how the climate effects chocolate.
It compares the 2015 Rain Harvest, with the
2016 El Nino Harvest & 2017 Rain Harvest.
I would suggest making a special tasting night with friends using this with aged cheeses and your favorite aged whiskey or Shiraz.
- $55 (inc delivery)

Also available:
Heirloom drinking chocolate aged in a tequila cask $38
Heirloom drinking chocolate $28
Heirloom cacao $22

Remember To'ak chocolate is an experience, not a Kit Kat
To'ak says you care. (And part of the guilt free, all purchases assist the
Third Millenium Alliance Conservation work. Which means while experiencing chocolate you save big parts of Ecuador's heritage and Flauna and Flora.)

Great to experience and show your love.

To'ak Chocolate brought to you by CuencaShop.

Best to WhatsApp or call me directly
I can deliver or you can arrange pickup

8-66 Coronel Talbot, Sans Sebastian Park (Old Kings Smokehouse) Cuenca. 10 AM – 5:30 PM Monday - Saturday

Tyrone:  098 402 6399