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Cuenca New Day – what to publish?

We wanted to give you an idea of what types of articles we will be publishing, what we don’t intend to publish, and an overview of our general philosophy. In our next posting, we will discuss some of the many things decided during the weekend’s “all hands on deck” virtual meeting.

Our general philosophy will be to publish articles with an emphasis on Ecuador in general and Cuenca in particular. Our goal is to enlighten and entertain without creating divisions in our readership. There will be some human-interest stories, articles about ways to make your life better here in Cuenca, how to help other people living here (both gringos and expats), and more.

We have no intention of ever publishing controversial articles. Here’s our thought process on this – there are many other sources if you want to read a particular viewpoint on religion (or atheism), hating Trump or loving Trump, etc. It is extremely rare to change anybody’s mind on any of these types of issues. So, our focus will be on things that almost everyone can use to make their lives better and to help Ecuador as we can help. This does not mean that we don’t have opinions on many controversial issues, but any discussions of these are best left for individuals speaking to other individuals treating each other with mutual respect. (Calling someone a name doesn’t increase your chances of having someone see your way of thinking)

Obviously, with the current COVID-19 situation, somethings like restaurant reviews, and adventures in the countryside won’t be taking place for now. When possible we’d like to do these kinds of features. Also, we will do a little on Ecuadorian politics. These articles will focus on stated ideas and plans rather than weighing in on their merits.

Stories we’re working on:

The pros and cons of owning a car versus using taxis, buses, and the Tranvia.

Schooling in Ecuador during COVID-19. Interviews with public and private school teachers and students. And, what about students without internet access?

How you can translate almost any newspaper article and how to find the articles.

ECU911 the service, the app, and why you might have problems downloading the app.

It's a new day in Cuenca – Cuenca New Day.

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