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Complimentary dental consults and free dental treatment plans

Yes, you get the big pearly white picture, as it's always complimentary dental consults for expats, plus free dental treatment plans at that, including for all family/friends/tourists (i.e. dental tourists/vacationers), right here in Cuenca. That is to say, it's a zero-cost evaluation for your/their dental implants, bridges, crowns, dentures, root canals, periodontics & veneers (even for amalgam removals, braces, extractions, fillings, repairs and teeth whitenings) – in fact, even your/their first dental cleaning is always free of charge too.

Just send us an email or call, so as to schedule your no cost appointment for any of the above referenced dental themes at the “Find Health In Ecuador Dental Clinic”, courtesy of Dr. Andres Pacheco (“Dr. No Pain”) and in association/partnership with all of our dental specialists as well as staff. Simply permit the following highly detailed recommendations & testimonials of our many dozens of cheerleader Expat dental patients speak to our dental clinic’s skills & services (including a regular flow of dental tourists visiting Cuenca from the US and Canada, besides of course the strong community of Expats in Cuenca):


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Edificio Medimagen, Av. Pumapungo y Av. Paseo de los CaƱaris (right here in Cuenca). Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Ana Maria Ledoux: 07 410 8745 USA: +1 941 227 0114