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Cold wave ahead

Earlier La Mia Mascota Pet Shop posted about nice, warm beds for your furry friends. That's good for inside - but what if they need to go out? You are taking them for a walk? Do you have fashionable "jackets" for them? They'll need them with temperatures nearing 30° F in the next few mornings. Find what you need in clothes for dog or cat at our pet shop. We also have the best food in Cuenca to keep them fired up digestively.

We have opened a new service – secure on-line credit card or debit card payments for your home delivery. Send us your order (WhatsApp, text, or call) and we will bill the order and then send you a link either via email or WhatsApp. You pay by inputting your card number and filling out the form. Within minutes your payment is received and your order will be processed for delivery. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase. Unfortunately, this service only works with Ecuadorian credit or debit cards. We are working to find a service for those who need to use international cards.

Effective immediately, La Mia Mascota Pet shop will open at 10 AM and close at 7 PM. We will not be open on Sundays for the duration of the yellow light phase.

Fleas and ticks - We have drops to put on your pet's back for fleas and ticks as well as pills you can give them once every month, every two months, or every three months. The tablets are actually more effective than the drops that must be applied to the skin on the back of the neck.

The veterinary La Mia Mascota (Dr. Juan Carpio) will be open regular hours. He will also continue making house calls as needed. To avoid delays, we recommend that you make an appointment. Veterinary service is available 24/7 for emergencies. Sunday service is only available by appointment or in an emergency. We make house calls when needed.

La Mia Mascota Veterinary has all veterinary and laboratory services. We have the best pet foods, sanitary supplies, pet vitamins and medicine available in both locations: Pet Shop La Mia Mascota local #27 CC Plaza de las Américas and Veterinaria La Mia Mascota Arrayán y Av de las Américas.

Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp on the cell phones below.

Pet Shop La Mia Mascota local #27 CC Plaza de las Américas and Veterinaria La Mia Mascota Arrayán y Av de las Américas.

Alexandra Montaño:  098 404 3395 / 099 020 683 / (07) 408 9255