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Chan Chan dairy products this week

Greetings to all of you out there. We hope that you are staying safe and healthy. This Wednesday we will be doing drop-offs at Tienda Nectar and Dos Sucres along with home deliveries. Home deliveries in Cuenca are $2.50.

Our artisan cheeses have had a little more time to age and have been full of flavor. This week, tempt your palate with our Alpine Swiss, Chan Chan "Man"chego, and our Peppercorn Parmesan...all at a reasonable $7/lb.

All of our cheeses are made here on the farm with whole milk from our grass-fed mix of Jersey, Montbéliard and Holstein cows. All the milk used in our cheesemaking is free of antibiotics and taken only from our cows. Because the cheese is an artisan cheese, each batch has its own unique characteristics. This week, our Swiss turned out to have a strong, nutty and true Alpine taste. Definitely not a mild cheese, this Swiss takes your breath away and leaves you feeling as if you are standing in the Alps with a cheese that can hold its own. This wheel is 3 months old and perfect on your favorite salad or grated over a hot bowl of soup for these chilly evenings. Our Chan Chan "Man"chego is made using a traditional Spanish Manchego recipe. Typically made with sheep's milk, our cheese is made with whole cow milk, resulting in a strong flavor and creamy soft texture. Last, but not least, is our Peppercorn Parmesan born Feb.1...making it just short of being 5 months old. It has a mild to medium flavor and with the peppercorns, an extra kick for your favorite pasta dish or sliced thick on a slice of bread.

Cheese makes the perfect gift for Father's Day this Sunday or any day.

Also available for purchase is our Greek yogurt, milk, cream, cottage cheese and butter. Please send in your orders for this week by noon on Tuesday and let us know if it will be a delivery or pick-up at one of the locations listed above.

We appreciate your business and wish you all the best of health.

Wednesday, June 17th, Dos Sucres (Roberto Crespo Toral 3-56) Tienda Nectar (Benigno Malo 12-27)

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