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Boxes filled with basic necessities, products delivered to your home

Hello, We are "Big box", a new way to buy your basic products and pantry products in Cuenca via online.

These are some of our options for you:

Big Box "Family" $30.

1 Carton box
1 "Royal" Gelatin 200GR
1 Tuna "Van Camps" 184GR
1 Coffee "Buen Dìa" 20GR
2 Arroz "Mil Uno" 1000GR
1 Sugar "San Carlos" 2Kg
1 Oat "Quaker" 500GR
1 Salt "Cris-sal" 1Kg
1 Noodles ·"Oriental" 200GR
2 Noodles "Paraìso" 400GR
1 Flour "Ya" 500GR
1 Pop Corn 1LB
1 Lentils 1LB
1 Chickpeas 1LB
1 Beans / Habillas 1LB
1 Achiote "La Favorita" 200ML
1 Complete Dressing "ILE" 320GR
1 "Pusuquì" Aromatic herbs for Infusion
1 Oil "Palma de Oro" 500CC
1 Industrial MArgarine "Danec" 1LB
1 Butter (Vegetable Shortening) 3 "Chanchitos" 1LB
1 90CC Mayonnaise "Alacena"
1 "Alacena" Ketchup 100GR
2 Plastic sleeve "Zipper"
2 Safety masks

Big Box "Kids" $25.

1 Carton box
2 "Inacake Bony" Cake with milk delicacy
6 Cakes "Gansitos" (Delicacy-strawberry-chocolate-vanilla) 30gr
5 Yogurt "Toni Mix chiqui" cornflakes 92gr
5 Yogurt "Toni Mix chiqui" chocolate dragees 92gr
5 Milks strawberry & chocolate "Toni chiqui" 135ml
5 Gelatins "GelaToni chiqui" strawberry 120gr
2 Cookies "Chips Ahoy" 50gr
2 Cookies "Chocositos Fofy's" 50gr
2 Cookies "Coronita Galapaguitos" 50gr
2 Wafer Mini "Cuacua Ec" 42gr
4 Cookies "Oreo" 36gr
2 Safety masks
1 Surprise

Big Box "Party" $35, $40, $45 (according to chosen products).

1 Carton Box
2 Safety masks
1 Corn tortillas "Tostitos Jalapeños" 150gr
1 Chifles (Green banana chips) "Tortolines Picantes" 150gr
1 "Crucks" Potato chips Natural flavor 180GR
2 Candy Bars "Halls Surtidos"
1 Jelly beans "Trululù" 80gr
To choose:
1 Coca Cola 1.53 L or 1 Grapefruit flavored mineral water "Imperial" 1.5Lt or 1 Mineral water "Imperial" 1.5Lt
1 "Cien Fuegos" Rum 1Lt or 1 Vodka "Smirnoff Red" 700 ML or 1 Whisky "Black & White" 750 ML or 1 Whisky "Jonny Walker Red" 750ML
1 Six Pack Beer "Pilsener" 330 ML or 1 Six Pack Beer Cans "Club" 355 ML or 1 Six Pack Beer bottle "Club" 330 ML

We will be very happy to assist you.

Padre Belisario Arce y Octavio Cordero. Monday to Sunday, from 9 AM to 9 PM

Eng. Christian Munoz: 099 548 4011