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Recommendation for Herman Guambana Flores, racer driver, tour guide

For many of us, Herman Guambana Flores was one of our fist contacts in Cuenca. A licensed National Tour Guide, many of us took his tours. Now Herman is adjusting his business in this time of Covid-19 and I highly recommend his honesty, attention to details (especially health/safety), reliability, excellent English and knowledge of Cuenca.

Herman is available to drive you to errands or do them for you. He can drive seven (7) days/week by car or motorcycle. His mom is an excellent cook and is offering meals from a doctor's regulated and sanitary kitchen, which Herman will deliver. 

If you've been limited by the shutdown, please consider this very honest and hardworking family man as your go-to-person or driver for whatever you need. If you already have a regular driver, please consider Herman as an alternate.

You can reach Herman by phone, 098 774 4698. If you have questions, contact Herman directly. If you want a more personal recommendation, call or email me, Doreen Dvorin, 099 075 8544,

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:  098 774 4698

Recommended by Doreen Dvorin: 099 075 8544