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Re: selling food items for delivery

Recently, someone posted asking whether it was legal to just put up an ad and sell food items. The answer is that it most certainly is not. And the response one business owner made that he would rather ask forgiveness than permission is shameful.

I operated a food delivery business here for several years (one of the first, actually). Each year, I paid my taxes, and then had to get a kitchen inspection, bomberos inspection, and finally have my blood tested to prove that I did not have communicable diseases. The latter also applied to my one kitchen staff employee.

To just go out and sell food that you have prepared at home, with no oversight and perhaps no understanding of commercial kitchen sanitation or food borne pathogens is as dangerous as going out without a mask - and we know how most of the Gringo Community will jump all over you on that one.

I know that many food service businesses operating right now do not have the necessary permits in place. Generally, I bite my tongue and look the other way. But when it is being encouraged, I have to speak up.

Do you realize that "Typhoid Mary" is not just an expression? She was an asymptomatic cook who directly infected 51 people with Typhoid fever in NYC in the early 1900s.

Please think before you prepare food for people other than your immediate family, and please ask if the people who are supplying your prepared foods are licensed and have the proper sanitary inspections - especially during these crazy times.

Mary Ann: .

City: Cuenca