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Pretzels, Sriracha and Vietnamese sauces are now available for order

Our Mujeres Con Exito domestic abuse survivors have been doing everything they can to stay safe and support themselves after losing their jobs to the pandemic. All monies raised by this project goes to providing the women who no longer live in the shelter basic necessities like diapers, gas and food. If you want to throw in an added donation when we deliver, it is always welcome.

Thanks to Chef Lan, the women were taught to make Asian sauces which will be added to our Wednesday delivery this week.

Sriracha sauce and Vietnamese sauce are only $5 a bottle. The Vietnamese sauce is a vinegar base with brown sugar and red pepper flakes. If you took our Asian cooking classes, we received a bottle and it is simply delicious. Your choice is available for only $5.

Our fresh pretzels come plain or salted and they taste great. They include a delicious honey mustard dipping sauce and freezing and re-heating directions.

Pretzels are: 1 for $2 or 3 for $5 or 6 for $10

The delivery Fee for sauces and/or pretzels is only $2. Pretzels can also be picked up between 9:30 AM and noon but they must be ordered in advance.

Each pretzel is hand rolled and baked in our kitchen. Our awesome ladies are learning new skills and rebuilding their self-esteem and we are so grateful and we thank you for supporting this exciting project. We would also like to thank Kip and Deb Gienau for teaching our ladies this new skill.

Email us today to place your order for Pretzels Sriracha or Vietnamese Sauce. Include whether or not you want salt, your address and your phone number (They will call when they are close to your location). Orders are limited to 100 pretzels a week.

All orders must be placed on Monday for Wednesday delivery. Your pretzel purchase is appreciated.

Pictures courtesy of Sandra Materi.

Debby Larsen: .

City: Cuenca