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Paws with Hope: Our mission

As we are dealing with the stress and obstacles (many of them) of this move we are trying to get organized. Cynthia had reached out to us to help us try to get organized. I have discussed with Cynthia the mission of Paws with Hope and what we plan on accomplishing. She put this all into writing. I want to thank those who have donated so far. On GoFundMe I am able to send out a personal Thank you to each donor. Unfortunately, PayPal does not have the option to do this. For those of you who have not received a personal Thank you please know that we appreciate the support you are giving us. I want to share with you what is in the works as Cynthia is helping us get organized.

Paws with Hope is a private, charitable endeavor that identifies abandoned dogs/animals and provides all necessary care until they are adopted. We rely strictly on the donations and kindness of the animal lovers in and around Cuenca, Ecuador.

Our vision: We want to make a difference by rescuing abandoned dogs off the streets.

Our mission: We want to rescue as many dogs as possible from neglect, abuse, and starvation and by match them with loving, forever homes.

Our Goal is to provide medical care, food, and shelter to a maximum of 12 dogs at a time. As each dog is adopted, we will then take in another abandoned dog. (As of today we are at 20 dogs. We have closed the doors to new rescues just until we get down to the number of dogs we can care for. Please contact us if you are looking to adopt a fur baby.)


Dogs adopted from P w H can be surrendered back to organization by owners. Right now we are focusing on animals that are on the street. At the moment we are not taking in owner surrenders, unless the dog was a former member of Paws with Hope.

We will not euthanize any animal that is currently under our care unless they are suffering greatly and have no chance of survival.

Side note: Someone wrote that Elvis, my 14-year old border collie who was a street dog, should be euthanized because he had 2 seizures and will never be adopted. Let me clarify this, Elvis has had 2 seizures while under my care but they were months apart. Elvis will never be adopted because he is not up for adoption. When I rescued him off of the streets, I promised to give him the best remaining years of his life. Elvis is my dog. He sleeps with me and is very happy living at Paws with Hope. He will remain here and be with me until God calls him home.

Our dogs are not in kennels 24 hours a day. The only ones that are kenneled are 2 dogs and they are only in the kennels when they sleep at night. Other than that they are free with enough room to play and interact. I have opened the doors of Paws with Hope to human visitors many times before and will continue to do so. I want people to see what we are doing for the dogs and I know the people want to see their donations going to a good cause. When the virus situation clears up our doors will be open again. If you would like to stop by and meet our tribe please contact me directly. You can find us on FB and YouTube.

To support our mission:

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