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Our Elegant Portuguese and Spanish wines delivered wholesale same day

When I first heard the term "vegan wines", I am sure your thoughts would have been mine. Aren't all wines vegan? I mean they come from grapes. The answer is "no". It comes down to the "fining" process.

Briefly explained. ""Fining agents and other filtration methods represent a relatively recent innovation in the winemaking. As the craft grew, people began to develop means of clarifying the look and taste of wine through the use of fining agents, some of which are derived from animals or contain animal byproducts. The process of fining wine adds to the nuanced taste of the different wines". The majority of your large bulk wineries use this method.

We are happy to announce that all of our Casal Wines from Portugal have been presented the prestigious "vegan certification" by the European Vegaterian Union, V-Lable.EU.

Now vegetarians can enjoy the exquisite wines of Portugal from the Casal Da Coelheria Winery and be completely assured they are not getting any animal by-products in their wine.
We have been restocked by our importer in Quito. We offer direct delivery of our Portuguese and Spanish Wines which we are the exclusive distributor to your home here in Cuenca. Hit Attractions Trading is your direct connection to wholesale prices. View our wines at

We have great reds available such as Casal Da Coelheira, Montaria Reserva, Castelo Do Sulco Reserva, Moscatel, Red and White Port, as well as the fantastic Vinho Verde's from the North Coast of Portugal. Also Casal Rose.

We are also the exclusive distributor for 3 different liquors. in Cuenca. Our liquors are sold at many restaurants and bars. The liquors are distilled in Quito. We have Vodka Ruso (currently sold out) at $8 per bottle, Astra Gin at $10 per bottle, and Golden Rum, Ron Dorado for $7 per bottle.

Order 6 bottles of wine and/or liquor combined and receive free delivery. Order 12 bottles of wine and receive a 10% discount with free delivery. (If you pay online at our website using Paypal we will collect a 3.5% fee on delivery) No fee for cash deliveries. To view all of our wines, descriptions and cost, go to www.hitattractionstrading.comWhen only the best will do, count on Hit Attractions Trading to deliver that experience to you.

Call Hugh for English and Rosalba for Spanish at 099 537 5396 or email us at

Hugh Prather: 099 537 5396. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca