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New installment in the Digital Room of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra

This Friday, May 15 at 8 PM, the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra presents the eleventh installment of the Digital Room on its YouTube channel: with the world premiere of the Fifth Symphony of the great Ecuadorian composer Luis Humberto Salgado, concert recorded at the Carlos Cueva Tamariz theater on Friday, September 7, 2018 with the participation of the renowned pianist, Campo Elías Peñafiel (Ecuador), the repertoire includes the opening Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Totentanz for piano by Franz Liszt.

Overture of Don Giovanni (1787). Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Don Giovanni's music is impressive, concentrated and psychologically describes the characters of the drama, from the first notes of the overture.

Totentanz for piano and orchestra. Franz Liszt. The German title means Dance of Death and is one of several Liszt compositions dedicated to this theme. It is a piece composed from a single musical theme: the famous Dies Irae, recreated in countless variations, with different characters. Some of them are really amazing, like the sweet piano solo in the form of Canon. The fascinating thing is that at no point in the work does the Dies Irae stop sounding. It is always there, in the foreground or background, experiencing all possible changes. In short, a show of ingenuity and compositional resources and a great composition for a great pianist.

Fifth Symphony. Luis Humberto Salgado. The world premiere of this magnificent work by the prolific Ecuadorian composer Luis Humberto Salgado is due to the initiative, determination and hard work of Maestro Michael Meissner who is also its editor. The first Allegro risoluto movement begins with a pure twelve-tone theme, both in its horizontal and vertical extension: a cold shower for those who expected a romantic gesture in the old sentimental way. The second movement: Moderato assai, again has very modernist concepts; which particularly remind Shostakovich. The third movement, a scherzo Andantino mosso in classic A-B-A form, calms the waters with a playful fugato wood quartet. The dramatic Allegro is titled the Finale, whose playful theme soon falls apart and its melodic and rhythmic cells take on a life of their own.

Elías Peñafiel Field. Pianist. He began his piano studies at age 13 with the teacher Bertha Brito Luna who trained in Paris and later with the teacher Andrés Torres who trained in Moscow. Currently he carries out his professional life as a concert pianist, piano teacher, co-repeater and accompanying pianist in chamber music and singing. He has received master classes from renowned pedagogues and has dedicated his life to the piano. Laureate with significant awards and recognitions inside and outside the country, he has played in important venues in our country and abroad. Soloist with several symphony orchestras from Ecuador.

With this delivery there will be eleven digital concerts that the public can enjoy from anywhere in the world at the time they want in the Digital Room of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra.

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