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Making difficult decisions in the time of COVID-19

Good morning, my name is Ivan and a friend gave me this phone number. They said you can help with food. We are a family of recyclers and live from day to day. With this crisis I have no work, and have nothing to give my three children to eat. Please help us.

Thank you for the food package. I am Sofy, and I live with my father who has cancer and we had not eaten for two days. Thanks to you, we will have dinner tonight.

Good afternoon, I am a single mother with a one-year-old daughter. I am without work because of the crisis, so I do not have money to buy her food. Can you help me?

These messages are just a glimpse into the many that we receive every single day. Messages requesting support with food to feed hungry families. Other messages expressing relief and gratitude upon receiving help. This week we were able to provide food to 140 families, and we have just as many on the waiting list for next week. 

At Hogar de Esperanza, one of the most difficult decisions we must make is which family, which small child, will or will not receive food. While we cater to fill specific needs of those we help, our most common food basket costs $30, and is designed to provide a balanced diet for a family of 5 people for one full week. Our sole constraint in helping all the families in need who come seeking support is – you guessed it – the availability of financial resources. We are extremely grateful for your support, for generously donating to help us help others in dire need during this crisis. There is just so much need, and it is growing every day. The decisions we are forced to make, on who can receive help, and who we must turn away, is heart-wrenching. We are encouraged knowing that we are doing all we can, together, to help whomever we possibly can in getting through this crisis.

To help us help those who need it most right now, you can donate online at: If you prefer to make a donation through bank transfer, please contact us for the account information. We are also happy to schedule pick-ups of cash donations and in-kind donations of items. Thank you so much – we could not do any of this without you.

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca