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Frozen food- homemade

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well, thinking about your safety and ours and to comply with the isolation, we have arranged to offer you food to freeze, only on request which must be made 48 hours in advance. Our food is made with the standards hygiene. We also use fresh and natural ingredients. We also respect your allergies (let us know the day of your order).

We are happy to serve you again.

Next week: orders days: Wednesday and Saturday.

We will have the following menu for you:

* Pasticho $5 (pasta, ground beef, bechamel sauce, white cheese, ham)
* Bolognese sauce 500ml $5
* 2 Cannelloni stuffed with meat or chicken: $4.50
* Meatballs in tomato sauce: 200grs of meat, $4.50
* Broaster chicken, two pieces: $4.50
* Ground beef and potato pie: $4.50
* 2 salty pancakes, with chicken or meat + cheese $5.
* Grain:
   - $2.50 pound of Lentils.
   - $3 a pound of: peas, black beans, red beans
   - $3.50 chickpeas.
(All seasoned just to heat)
* White rice, 200grs: $1
* Vegetable lasagna with zucchini (not pasta). $4.50.
* Vegetable cannelloni (with pasta). $4.50.
* Vegetable antipasto (it is a delicious recipe with different types of vegetables, the flavor is great) it is perfect to accompany with bread. $4.50 (Zucchini, radish, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, pod)
* Ratatouille with Zucchini. $4
* Chickpea, quinoa and pea salad. $4
* lentil salad. $3.50.

Lemon Pie $15 (8 servings)
Lemon Pie $3.50 (1 serving)
Passion Fruit Pie $18 (8 servings)
Passion fruit pie $4 (1 serving)
Chocolate Pie $20 (8 servings)
Chocolate Pie $4.50 (1 serving)
Chocolate dessert $2.50 (1 serving).
Carrot cake $12
Pumpkin Cake $15

Briggith: 096 047 1500. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca