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El Chile Piquin

Seasoning of Mexican cuisine

Order it at home

• Classic golden chicken tacos (four tacos) $5.
Crispy with guacamole, lettuce, cream and cheese.
• Chicken or chorizo burritos $5.
Chicken or chorizo, beans, cheese, with wheat flour tortilla
• Beef Burritos $6.
Beans, loin, cheese, tortilla, with wheat flour
• Mixed burrito (two types of meat: chorizo, chicken, beef) $7.
Beans, cheese; loin, chicken or chorizo, with wheat flour tortilla
• Quesadillas (with a chingo of cheese) $6.
Chicken, Dutch cheese and yellow cheese
Snack (two people) $12.
• Beef Fajitas $6.
beef pepper onion cheese 4 flour tortillas
Quesadilla- golden tacos- a chicken taco
a taco of loin- a taco of chorizo-beans with cheese and tortilla chips

• Portion of guacamole with tortilla chips $2.
• Portion of beans with cheese and tortilla chips $2.
• Extra red-hot chili sauce (40ml) $0.50
• Non-spicy white sauce (40ml) $0.50

All orders carry guacamole, white sauce and spicy

Friday, 22 May; Saturday, 23 May; Sunday, 24 May; from 11 AM to 6 PM, Cerezos 301, Avenida Cerezos

Marggie Estrada:  093 912 0781 – 098 185 3561