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Cleaning service

Healthy and protected environment "we do it for you".

Comprehensive cleaning, disinfection, deodorization, hygiene, sanitization and sterilization of: bathrooms, kitchens (showers, hand washes, dishwashers) since bacteria and fungi are concentrated in them as they are the main focus of infection, in addition to the elements of daily contact such as doors, handles, doorknobs, switches, doorbells, remotes, telephones, keyboards, telephones, controls, desks, both from your home, and / or companies, local offices, warehouses, institutions, etc. , culminating in the sanitization and sterilization with saturated steam at a temperature greater than 56ºc, laboratory tests certify that with this equipment it is possible to kill and eliminate up to 99.99% of the viruses, germs and bacteria that inhabit the surfaces, since by killing germs, the risk of spreading infections is modified, since it is possible to maintain the microbial load. Steam is the most natural solution for a clean and sanitized home and environment. It is valid for people who have allergies, because the heat of the steam effectively destroys mites and allergens; the product is approved by BAF (British Allergy Foundation).

A clean environment guarantees the well-being and health of those who live there. For your safety we use all the hygiene and conservation measures for this emergency (disposable coverall and / or apron, gloves (disposable), masks, shoe protector (disposable), surgical cap (disposable).

"Your trust in good hands" risk-free.

Besides, we sell equipment for home, professional and industrial use.

Avenida de las Américas, 1-07 entre Pencas y Tejar.

Ruth Pineda: 099 488 4416 / 07 – 403 8339