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Yolanda's fresh "Pollos del Campo"

Yolanda offers only very fresh free range chickens, locally grown, fed the best grains and alfalfa.... let run free to scratch and find yummy worms and bugs. This is healthy eating for we lucky ones. And you can taste the quality.

Chicken Whole $10
Chicken-- Cut in pieces $12
"Fryer" chicken, cut in half $8
Eggs 30 for $7
Smoked bacon -- full pound $8
1/2# Bacon $4
Queso Fresco 8 oz $2
Sweet Cream Butter 1# $5
Bakers Dozen vegetables...3 tomatoes, 3 onions, 3 carrots, 3 potatoes and 1 green pepper for $6

Other vegetables and fruits can be ordered and will be delivered based upon availability...

Exciting news! We have developed a hot and spicy bacon! Tocino Pico Rico for delivery next week. A blend of 4 different chilis including Chipotle, and wonderful healthy spices like Turmeric (did you know Turmeric, curcumin, needs black pepper and grease to be absorbed by the body?).

The hot and spicy bacon process takes time so place your orders in advance. 1/2# hot and spicy bacon for only $6

I must admit I have been amazed at Yolanda's ability to fulfill special for Raw Milk or Horchata bouquets........she is from Banos, a farming community , and knows where to get everything....the biggest problem is all the restrictions on movement.....making things so terribly hard on those who if they can't work, don't eat.

When you buy from Yolanda you help so many farmers and small producers, you are a godsend to them. They are the forgotten people of Ecuador, the unseen who work so hard and who are so under appreciated.

My name is Susan, and I help Yolanda by answering questions and taking orders by phone 093 922 1464 or WhatsApp.

Just so you have an idea of what is happening in the countryside, big trucks are now rolling into Banos and buying truckloads of everything available, then they avoid road closures by going way up in the Andes on small out of the way roads and then down to the coast where they can sell for more than double.

Things are not what they appear here, the country is in serious trouble, and if out of fear these restrictions remain there are going to be food shortages here, very high prices, and worse...
The government employees are being paid very well to fine the poor who are just trying to survive...

Sorry to have to tell such depressing news, but you must know the truth.


Please place your orders for next day delivery.

Susan Correa: 093 922 1464. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca