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Washable cotton masks

Koala Store, Cuenca’s washable semi-cotton various masks are now available only in silver, in a moisture-resistant outer fabric. The interior is a soft gray cotton T-shirt fabric. Sorry, no other colors are available due to a decision of the manufacturer (this is out of our control). 

Each mask is $3. Delivery cost $5 for up to 10 masks (so 5 masks would be $15 plus $5 delivery, and so on). Our delivery times are between 1 and 3 days, but we will endeavor to deliver as quickly as possible.

We also have rubbing (disinfecting) alcohol available for delivery in one-gallon size bottles (the one liter bottles are all sold out). One gallon of alcohol is $18 plus delivery of $10 for up to two gallons. 

Orders by email only to Please include in your e-mail:

email address
Phone number
Address, including cross street and neighborhood/landmarks and apartment number if applicable
# of masks desired, # of bottles of rubbing alcohol and size (1 liter or 1 gallon)

The manufacturer was selling these directly to the public before, but we have to purchase these masks from him for the price that he was selling them, and therefore we cannot sell them for the same price that we are paying him. These are high quality fabric masks, not the paper disposable masks sold at pharmacies (if you can find them -- in my neighborhood there are none to be had).

City: Cuenca